Real Estate Closing Documents Tamed By eBinderFM

Lender representatives, closing agents, and other real estate professionals responsible for providing mortgagors and new home owners with document sets upon a successful closing traditionally give the receiving party a thumb drive, email a zip file, or sometimes even present the buyer with a printed binder. Workflows for ordering and assembling these documents sets can take an hour or more, but eBinderFM can handle the task in minutes, combining the documents into a single PDF and providing a hyperlinked index for easy navigation. The final eBinder file can contain the documents in their original formats or merged and converted into a single PDF.

eBinderFM works on both Windows 10 and Windows 7 computers and can access documents from corporate networks as well as your personal computer. Its files can be password protected and encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. And it can automatically attach the generated PDF to a new Outlook or Gmail message.

A free trial of eBinderFM can be downloaded from and licenses for the software can be purchased directly from the site for a one-time purchase of $40. For further information, please send inquiries to