Reduce Legal Miscommunication Using eBinderFM

Figuring out the intended reading order and logical relationship between multiple attachments in an email shouldn’t require an AI-powered eDiscovery tool. Yet far too many attorneys, legal clients, and advising parties receive email messages daily that require opening and organizing countless attachments pertaining to complex legal matters. This not only results in wasted time for the receiving party, but also often leads to follow-up phone calls to the sending attorney bearing requests for context and clarification.

Ideally, attorneys want to control the organization of information in all email correspondence and reduce reader friction as much as possible. eBinderFM, a Windows software application, can create a single PDF file containing document sets in minutes. The generated PDF can be read on any computer that has Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader software and it contains a hyperlinked index reflecting the attorney’s predefined reading order.

eBinderFM Keeps Work Product On Premises

eBinderFM was created as a Windows software application to address the needs of legal, financial, and banking professionals that cannot risk placing their confidential work product in the cloud. In addition to ensuring work product stays on premises, eBinderFM can also:

  • Password protect and encrypt the PDFs it creates with 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Create two different types of PDFs: a single file with all documents converted and merged into a PDF and a PDF containing the documents in their original file formats (allowing further editing). Both types containing a hyperlinked index for easy navigation.
  • Automatically attach the generated PDF to a new Outlook or Gmail message.

A free trial of eBinderFM can be downloaded from and licenses for the software can be purchased directly from the site as well. Parties interesting in integrating eBinderFM with their on-premises version of iManage DeskSite or FileSite can send inquiries to

Microsoft Windows and Adobe Acrobat are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Display Frequently Used eBinderFM Locations as Favorites

One way eBinderFM makes transforming a document set into an PDF super speedy is by letting users display their most frequently visited locations for document set source files as Favorites within the eBinderFM user interface. This two-click operation can save you repeated drudgery, especially with large document sets that require specific ordering for the hyperlink index included in your final PDF file.

To set a favorite location in eBinderFM, right-click on the location to display as a favorite and click Add to Favorites:

To remove a favorite location that is no longer needed, right-click on the favorite to delete and click Remove Favorite.

Now whenever you need to go to a location to include files in your PDF data set, just click the desired favorite and the contents of the location will display in the Select Files column.

Real Estate Closing Documents Tamed By eBinderFM

Lender representatives, closing agents, and other real estate professionals responsible for providing mortgagors and new home owners with document sets upon a successful closing traditionally give the receiving party a thumb drive, email a zip file, or sometimes even present the buyer with a printed binder. Workflows for ordering and assembling these documents sets can take an hour or more, but eBinderFM can handle the task in minutes, combining the documents into a single PDF and providing a hyperlinked index for easy navigation. The final eBinder file can contain the documents in their original formats or merged and converted into a single PDF.

eBinderFM works on both Windows 10 and Windows 7 computers and can access documents from corporate networks as well as your personal computer. Its files can be password protected and encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. And it can automatically attach the generated PDF to a new Outlook or Gmail message.

A free trial of eBinderFM can be downloaded from and licenses for the software can be purchased directly from the site for a one-time purchase of $40. For further information, please send inquiries to

Password Protection and Encryption Made Easy with eBinderFM

eBinderFM makes encrypting your PDF with 256-bit AES encryption and protecting it with a password a simple one click operation. When you arrive at the preview screen to choose the location for the eBinder that contains your document set, click the checkbox next to the Add password field and type in your password. Once you click a button to pick the destination for the eBinder, your PDF is created, encrypted and password protected.

When a recipient uses Adobe’s Acrobat Reader to open the PDF you created, she will be greeted by a prompt requesting the password.

That’s it!

Adobe Acrobat is a registered trademark of its respective owner.