eBinderFM Is a Powerful Utility

eBinderFM is a powerful utility that creates digital document binders. A single eBinder can store hundreds of documents. Every file within an eBinder can remain in its original format or you can choose to create your eBinder as a bookmarked PDF. And the eBinder’s files are listed inside the eBinder in an index in the order you specify when the eBinder is created.

No More ZIP Files

Substitute .ZIP files with a more versatile format that can be read by anyone on any device. And unclutter emails by sending a single eBinder instead of multiple individual attachments.

Custom Sort Order

Collect files from any location on your computer and arrange them within eBinderFM in a custom order that will be maintained on any device. Now file sets can be shared in a consistent, presentable and organized manner.

Any Device

eBinders can be opened with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader and are compatible with Windows, Mac OS, IOS, and Android devices. Which means they can be shared with virtually anyone.

Preserve Formatting and Layout

eBinderFM can incorporate almost any type of file into an eBinder and most importantly it maintains each individual file's original formatting and layout. No more cramming data into PowerPoint slides.

Security Made Easy

eBinderFM makes it easy to secure all the files in an eBinder with a single password. Password protected eBinders are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.

View Files Natively

Each file within an eBinder can be viewed when the eBinder is open. Files can also be opened separately with their native applications. So for example, an Excel spreadsheet can be viewed within the eBinder, or opened in Excel.

Preview MS Office Files With Full Fidelity

MS Office files within eBinders display with full fidelity. For example, Tracked Changes in a Word document display normally and in Excel spreadsheets you can scroll to any row or column or switch between a workbook's sheets.

Open - Modify - Save

Files contained within an eBinder can easily be opened in their default applications where they can be modified and saved back into the eBinder with the new changes or saved as a new document outside of the eBinder.

See eBinderFM in Action

Try eBinderFM for Free

Download the Trial Version

With the trial version you can create up to eight eBinders. These eBinders can be used any way you like and have no watermarks or other limitations.

eBinderFM Is Only $40

At any time during or after the trial you can purchase a license that gives you unlimited use of eBinderFM. A single license can be purchased for $40 with discounts for purchases of 5 licenses or more.

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No Reinstallation Needed After Purchase

You can register your copy of eBinderFM software from within the trial software. Once registered, you will be able to create unlimited eBinders.